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US Government Persecution Of Migrant Humanitarian Aid Volunteers Is Stronger Than Ever

Every year, many people die attempting to illegally cross the border lines from Mexico to the US. Laws in the US regarding harboring, transporting, or aiding migrants in any way are becoming more strict. US border patrol along with other government agencies are on the watch for illegal border activities of migrants and citizens. Many humanitarian aid workers face trial and convictions for volunteering to assist migrants.

It has long been known by many people that transporting or harboring illegal migrants is highly illegal activity in the US. In recent cases, the government is also persecuting citizens for stopping their vehicle to help migrants in medical distress. Other recent legal cases involve citizens providing food, water, clothes, and other humanitarian supplies to migrants. For humanitarian citizens, giving food to the homeless is already challenging enough. Being homeless in the US is already a bad position to stay alive in. It's even harder for illegal migrant refugees.

In one case, attorney Teresa Todd was detained and remains under investigation for stopping to help a migrant and his sister who was near death in the Texas desert. The brother flagged down Teresa and she stopped. After stopping, Teresa called for help. Instead of help, border patrol showed up and detained them all.

In another case, activist Scott Warren is on trial and facing up to 20 years in prison for human smuggling. He provided food, water, clothes, and beds to migrants crossing the Arizona border. Thousands of gallons of water among other supplies have been intercepted by border patrol. Most of the border between the US and Mexico is harsh desert an means possible death for migrant travelers. In 2018 alone, over 4500 citizens were federally charged over harboring and providing transportation to migrants.

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