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Today is: Tuesday, 05/17/22 -  Global Governments Demonstrate Their Powers During COVID-19 Pestilence: On March 11 2020, US military forces were attacked by militias in Iraq. In early April 2020, Iranian naval vessels taunt US vessels in international waters. On April 22 2020 Donald Trump posted on Twitter, "I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea." Militant groups in Iraq want to push out the US, while Trump wants the US to continue the invasion.Julian Assange Remains at Belmarsh Prison While Chelsea Manning Is Released With A 256k Fine: Julian Assange's health continues to decline as he is exposed to the psychological torture of his imprisonment. Sixty doctors signed a petition in December 2019 claiming he could die in prison. In February 2020, an open letter was published by 117 doctors brought attention to his "dire state of health." Assange has been living through persecution and imprisonment for over seven years.Trump's New COVID-19 Lockdown Guidelines: Currently, many US citizens are supposed to be receiving government relief payments. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has pointed out that a long term shutdown is not sustainable. Today, Trump released new guidelines regarding how individual state governments are to go about "Opening Up America Again." The plan to cease the US shutdown is divided into three stages.Important Information About The COVID-19 Pestilence: Globally, there's almost 2 million confirmed cases and over 100 thousand confirmed deaths from the COVID 19 (Coronavirus disease 2019). Many countries have been under lockdown conditions for over a month. In the US, people are under quarantine in their homes. Under the conditions of a national emergency, the government has implemented new rules of law about how people may proceed with their lives during the crisis.Bonanza News Is Back Online And Stronger Then Ever: After several months of downtime, Bonanza News is back online! I was forced to go offline due to various factors including hosting issues, coding errors, etc. Also, I was overwhelmed in maintaining all of the services. For a short time, this site was not only news, but a great faucet and ptp ad network. These services couldn't last because of DDOS attacks and exploitation of code errors. I needed time to re focus my efforts.

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New Ordinance In Philadelphia Prohibits Retailers From Excluding Cash As A Payment Method

A new ordinance in Philadelphia will ban cashless brick and mortar retailers. The average shop owner will no longer be able to operate without accepting US Dollar cash money as a payment method. The ordinance has been signed into bill number 180943 as an amendment under section 9-1132. The section of the bill is called the "Fair Practices Ordinance: Protections Against Unlawful Discrimination."

The ordinance was introduced on October 25, 2018. It will take effect on July 1, 2019. Retailers in jurisdiction of the ordinance will not only be required to accept cash, but they are also prohibited from charging a premium for cash payments. Entities in violation of the ordinance are subject to penalty fines up to $2000.

The ordinance excludes retailers who have a membership program such as Costco. It also excludes online sellers. Amazon may be exempt from the bill, but still has expressed concern as the companies policy doesn't align with the new ordinance. Amazon wishes to open 3000 cashless stores across the US.

Currently, the only states Amazon probably will not be opening shop in would be Philadelphia and Massachusetts. In 1978, Massachusetts also banned cashless stores. Critics of cashless stores generally argue that the cashless establishments are unfair and discriminatory. The critics and their lawmakers seem to gloss right over the fact that this ordinance will prevent people from freely doing business.

Stores accepting cash may be a convenience to some consumers, but the inconvenience of accepting cash will limit the scope of how businesses may develop. It's part of a vicious cycle of people depending on a government that grows in power. Without government influence, business and consumerism would reflect true capitalism. For better or for worse, it's freedom versus tyranny.

Credit, Debit, cryptocurrency, bartering, and trade storefronts are now banned in two US states. Why should people be less free in some states than in others? Why should anybody be forced to make or accept payments strictly with the US Dollar. Currencies are assets. Having a single currency centralized by the government is not capitalism and it's certainly not freedom.

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