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Saturday, 12/03/22

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7 Best Carpet Cleaners (2022): Budget, Spot Cleaners, Hard Floors:
Tackle stubborn stains, ground-in grime, and pesky pet hair with one of these WIRED-tested washers.

End-to-End Encryption Is Coming to Android Group Chats:
Plus: Apple’s mixed-reality headset creeps toward actual reality, and a stronger type of Gorilla Glass is coming to phone screens.

China’s Police State Targets Zero-Covid Protesters:
Plus: ICE accidentally doxes asylum seekers, Google fails to uphold a post-Roe promise, and LastPass suffers the second breach this year.

16 Phone Accessories for People With Upper Extremity Disabilities:
Typing or making calls with one hand? These cases, grips, and add-ons will make your life much easier.

Sonos Sub Mini Review: All About That Bass:
The teeny subwoofer brings the bass to your existing smart soundbar.

The Mystery of Alaska’s Disappearing Whales:
Belugas pass cultural knowledge across generations. Their survival may depend on how they collectively adapt.

The Twitter Files Revealed One Thing: Elon Musk Is Trapped:
Messages show Twitter’s past leaders struggling with a tough moderation call with political overtones. Musk is now on the hook for such decisions himself.

You Should Be Using More Lube:
Forget what you've heard—sexual lubricants are a nightstand essential.

Activision Blizzard Has Another Union on Its Hands. Now What?:
A group of quality assurance workers in New York just won legal recognition of its union—a second milestone for organizing efforts within the gaming industry.

Android Phone Makers’ Encryption Keys Stolen and Used in Malware:
Device manufacturers use “platform certificates” to verify an app’s authenticity, making them particularly dangerous in the wrong hands.

Devialet Mania Review: Bottom-Heavy, But Powerful:
If you think “bass” equals “excitement,” then this is for you. But the fact that this high-end French audio brand is no longer bonkers does not bode well.

How Chinese Netizens Swamped China’s Internet Controls:
The government regained control of streets and social networks, but citizens protesting zero-Covid policies proved smartphones can help fuel mass action.

Six-Word Sci-Fi: Stories Written by You:
Here's this month's prompt, how to submit, and an illustrated archive of past favorites.

Control Freak Is a Surprisingly Personal Video Game Memoir:
'Gears of War' designer Cliff Bleszinski's new book is an intimate look into the life of a video game creator.

It’s the End of Trending:
Spotify Wrapped memes, Twitter hashtags, YouTube’s best-of list. Do social media trends still have anything vital to say?

Why the World Fell for FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried:
Despite ample reasons to be skeptical of cryptocurrency schemes, the notion of the eccentric genius accomplishing extraordinary things was irresistible.

AI Reveals the Most Human Parts of Writing:
When do writers want help finding inspiration? And when do they want full control? Computers could expose the true future of the medium.

Ditch Your USB-A Dongle and Embrace the USB-C Life:
The old port is dead to me. Connect your peripherals to all your devices with the more universal connector.

Victrola’s Portable Record Player Brings the Party Anywhere:
You, too, can be the cool vinyl nerd at your next shindig. Now go sit next to the guy with the guitar.

A Proactive Way to Detect Cancer at Its Earliest Stages:
Medtech firm Earli is working on a way to make tumors announce themselves as they appear—and even provide directions to where they are in the body.

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