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Bonanza Direct advertising service pays publishers with Dogecoin via FaucetHub. Currently, .00700000 DOGE is credited for every network wide unique IP address. Network wide IP addresses reset hourly. You may earn from the same IP addresses once per hour. No registration is required. Payments are sent once you reach 7 DOGE at 1000 valid hits (Please note, the thresdhold feature has been added by the request of FaucetHUB. It may have a bug. Please let us know if you don't get paid as you should).

To get started, copy the direct link below and replace YOURWALLETADDRESS with your actual wallet address. All traffic is accepted, but noscript hits aren't counted.

Direct Link:

You may request an early no minimum payment or view your balance at any time with the form below:

Wallet address:

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Bonanza News
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