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Police Execute Unarmed Man And Have No Explanation For Themselves

Ryan Twyman was executed by police on June 6 2019. Twyman, a 24 year old father was in a car parked in an apartment complex parking lot in Compton California. There was also another man in the car. Police approached the car and ended up shooting Twyman. They also beat the other man and arrested Twyman's girlfriend who had just left the scene before the shooting.

Locals report that the officers didn't appear to properly announce themselves and ended up firing approximately 30 times. One of the officers involved claimed he saw a gun before unloading his magazines into the car. A rifle was said to have been used by the officer. There was actually no gun found at the scene. They were unarmed men.

Currently, there has been no reporting or statements as to why the police were interested in Twyman. What was he allegedly guilty of? Are there any legitimate accusation against him? Or was he simply executed by police for something along the lines of having an attitude?

There has also been no bodycam footage released. If Twyman was so dangerous, then why is the LAPD and mainstream media keeping silent on the matter? Shouldn't some police supporters be defending the officers by publishing answers? There is also currently no word as to if the officers involved in the execution will be facing any form of repercussions.

Twyman's family has opened a GoFundMe page at His community held a peaceful gathering in his memory. Many people of the Compton communities are outraged and seek answers. LAPD reported in their only statement that they shot a man and no officers were harmed. When will there be true accountability for actions of the police?

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