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Adjusted Unaccounted Funds Amount To $21 Trillion In Audit Of US Pentagon

Until November 2018, the US Pentagon had never been audited before. A Congressional order allowed independent firms of the private sector to take the accounting job. After an investigation, the firms stated that they were unable to complete the job. They concluded that the Pentagon has too many bookkeeping issues and that the job would be impossible for them.

The Pentagon failed it's first ever audit in it's existence. The value of undocumented military transactions has been adjusted to $21 trillion as a result of the audit. By comparison, the US military budget was 9.2 trillion between 1998 and 2015, the US GDP is about 19.39 trillion, and the US national debt is about $22 trillion. The Pentagon assures the public that the transactions are not likely fraudulent or wasteful.

The $21 trillion figure only accounts for particular years where values were adjusted. This means it's possible that the figure could be higher due to some years still being unaccounted for. The Pentagon claims that unaccounted funds should not be regarded as a factor of their spending budget. A popular opinion is that the military should be held more accountable for their spending. Another is that they should spend less.

For one reason or another, many people want cuts in US military budget. US mainstream media has put heavy focus on debating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her claims that the unaccounted funds could have and should have been used to fund healthcare. The topic of whether the military should spend less so healthcare could be fully socialized is likely a distraction and a means to divide people who should be more focused on their lack of freedom and ever growing mega government.

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