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Pope Francis Admits Many Nuns Are Victims Of Sexual Slavery

Early in February 2019, the Women's Church World monthly Vatican magazine first reported abuse by overly powerful clergy members. The magazine stated that many women have come forward with their stories in the #Metoo movement. An Associated Press Journalist questioned Pope Francis on a flight home from the United Arab Emirates on the Arabian Peninsula. The journalist questioned the Vatican's initiative on their abuse scandals which includes the slavery of nuns. For the first time ever, Pope Francis acknowledged the problem publicly.

Pope Francis stated that the problem is ongoing, but measures are being taken to address it. He referenced how Pope Benedict dissolved the male lead female French congregation called the Community of St Jean in 2005. Reasons for the dissolving of the order had not previously been public. Pope Francis claimed that only "certain congregations" were responsible for slavery of Nuns.

A summit on the issue of Vatican abuse will be held in 2019. Pope Francis stated that the issue will not be resolved with the influence of the summit. Several clergymen have been "suspended," but there are still many unknown and unresolved cases. Some sexual abuse cases included nuns being forced to procreate and sometimes have abortions.

The abuse of nuns and even children is not limited to sexual. They are also used as servant slaves. Cases of abuse have been reported in places including Africa, India, Chile, and Italy. Pope Francis urges people of the world to not discriminate upon all priests as being predators. He claims they "shouldn't be scandalized by this."

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