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jefferson13: aa

killed: dsfdssfdsfd

farikh21: ok

Iskandar7777: Heye not bad

Omar: Esta faucet ya no paga, y abre muchas páginas, cuesta mucho ingresar y no se puede reclamar

harlamov22qp: hi

erick: Não está funcionando comigo essa faucet

Bitsnap: Faucethub API eror by faucet owner.

Hunkyblade: This is my favorite faucet.. But that was before. Now its been destroyed by too many adds and popups....sad!

fernandobredi: kkkkkk bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

petyka: Why didn't I get paid? You ran out of money?

Strydomk: Too many pop ups. Capthas always are incorrect. 20 mins now no reward. Stupid

lidiya: situs tidak ada isinya alias kosong

m19580909: ok

Dibiaggio9: Excelent

zliv1: ok

wiliames63: erro.sumiu captcha?

irwansyah nasution: Nothing is impossible. Anything can happen as long as we believe.

iwan rajud: Life is like a piano, white and black. If God play it, all will be a beautiful melody

Hamza Habbas: Good

wiliames63: $.$

Ardian: good

Muhammad: Nice

landosito: genial

andryha7: very good

m19580909: very good

irwansyah nasution: i'm very happy

berginho: top

mammad: DQWM6hjSfw8gURCo9NiaYd5y4147Azy61

awanzip: nice

CreSH7: very good

wiliames63: #bonanza melhor torneira :)

Rimber: todo bien

Aria Rahmani: Hi hi hi hi

rafael jesus dos santos: sadasdds

rafael jesus dos santos: muita gloria

rafael jesus dos santos: bin

eeee: Ok

CryptoLover: Please Increase the rate of Direct Hits. IndexBitcoin is offering 1500 Satoshis for 1000 Valid Hits.

CryptoLover: Please Upgrade your server . I am getting Error.

RICHARD: ahi vamos

dennyrahadiyan: mantap

Pammy: Best normal reward paying faucet.

fabiola3011: Vamos probando

Rimber: good one increase the amount of doges


privetbz: nocomments

winztones: Crooooottt

Steven Moseley: 500 Internal Server Error is what I have been getting ALL day. What is happening guys?

uykucu80: harika